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  • Custom solutions to make your website faster and more relevant for both visitors and search engines
  • Cache, Proxy, PageSpeed, SSL, SSD
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Starting from 5 € /month


cutting edge technologies to speed up your website, mobile ready!


Hosting infrastructure fully run and developed by our team

  • You can trust us with the creation of your online projects
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Starting from 10 € /month


Hosting solutions
You will be in control of all your data at all times


  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Detailed summary of active services, monthly and annual reports, charts & graphs
  • Full overview of your data through a dedicated online control panel
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Starting from 10 € /month


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***tutte le nostre soluzioni comprendono PHP, backup giornaliero, pannello di controllo semplice, ridondanza e assistenza tecnica telefonica

Hosting Plans:
Hosting Linux BASIC
Hosting Linux BUSINESS
Hosting Linux TOP

Hosting Linux BASIC

  • Spazio web 1 GB**
  • 1 dominio**
  • 5 caselle email da 1 GB**
  • 1 database MySQL da 200 MB**
  • PHP con RAM 128 MB garantiti**
  • Assistenza via email**
  • No assistenza telefonica**
10 EUR/month Scegli questo!**

Hosting Linux BUSINESS

  • Spazio web 5 GB********
  • 1 dominio
  • 10 caselle email da 1 GB
  • 1 database MySQL da 1 GB
  • PHP con RAM 128 MB garantiti
  • 1 casella PEC da 1 GB
  • Assistenza via email e telefonica su richiamata
20 EUR/month Scegli questo!

Hosting Linux TOP

  • Spazio web 10 GB******
  • 1 dominio
  • 20 caselle email da 1 GB
  • 2 database MySQL da 1 GB
  • PHP con RAM 256 MB garantiti
  • 1 casella PEC da 1 GB con dominio certificato
  • Assistenza via email e telefonica diretta
30 EUR/month Scegli questo!

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