Web & Mobile accelerator

A set of solutions to make your site faster and better for visitors and search engines.

Proxy + Cache

WebMe developed a two-level proxy caching infrastructure to make your site blazingly fast: pages, images, scripts are always served from RAM disks with delivery times of just a few tenths of a second. It is possible to set cache to lower timings (< 1 minute) for content that must be continuously refreshed (eg. news). Nginx, Varnish and Google Mod_PageSpeed are configured specifically to deliver pages and content in an optimal manner.

Webfarm Speed, Optimized Server

Google PageSpeed Module can optimize hundreds of key points of your website, either on HTML level (minify CSS, Javascript, async+deferred resources, etc..) and on web contents (image resizing, compression, mobile optimization, etc..), integrated with our MemCache servers.

WebMe uses webfarms located at top internet traffic peerings so that your visitors will not suffer any connection delay. We've chosen to deploy our infrastructure in two datacenter in the middle of Europe: Milan Caldera (Italy), a few meters away from the MIX-IT internet exchange and Supernap (Europe's most advanced datacenter). Both are equipped with fiber-optics connections with major Italian telecommunications carriers. For international traffic, we have deployed servers in webfarms in London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt to reduce the delays for visitors outside Italy.
Servers using XEON processors and SSD hard disk generates pages faster.

SEO & SEM Optimized

Having a fast site isn’t only useful for the visitors of your website but also for search engines and advertising platforms. Google and other search engines penalize slow sites and block your advertising if your web pages are not properly optimized.

Mobile Friendly

WebMe uses plugins to make your site automatically optimized for both mobile and tablets.

SSL security

SSL certificate protects the prvatcy of your visitors, and complies with the current standards for data exchange and e-commerce transactions. Having your site in HTTPS is also important for Google, since a few months the search engine has been prioritising websites with HTTPS.

Active and passive security: Ad hoc protection for Wordpress and Joomla, automatic analysis of logs and blocks unwanted attacks. **** Con il servizio 1Click Backup & Restore inoltre puoi eseguire gli aggiornamenti del tuo sito in tutta tranquillità perchè in caso di bisogno puoi sempre tornare indietro alla versione precedente del tuo sito, files e database compreso

Loading Speed & Rendering Time

WebMe wants to reduce the loading time of your website and the rendering time in browsers of your visitors in order to improve navigation and your position on search engines.


Features Cache FAST

9 €/month +vat


19 €/month +vat

Cache Size 1 GB 5 GB
Guaranteed Bandwidth 5 mbit/s 20 mbit/s
Peak level Bandwidth 20 mbit/s 100 mbit/s
Traffic/month 100 GB 1000 GB
Minimum refresh rate 60 minutes 5 minutes
Page-specific rules 0 5
GZIP Compression
PageSpeed + images optimization
Wordpress Ready
WooCommerce Ready
HTTPS Certificate
Geolocalized DNS available at extra cost
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