Our Hosting Services Plans

All our hosting solutions are based on an efficient infrastructure developed and run entirely by WebMe. WebMe provides high-performance, reliable hosting solutions and best-in-class customer service.

Each product hosting includes:
  • Hosting control panel developed and maintained by WebMe. Accessible and easy-to use by Phones & Tablets
  • Call Center and Email Support
  • PHP Enterprise: Up to 1024MB RAM per process, 1GB File upload and customizable php.ini
  • Nagios Monitoring for web pages and navigation flows with warnings of malfunctions by Email or Text.
  • Different servers are used for different services. (HTTP, Database, Email, MX, DNS, etc…)
  • Email platform with anti-spam, anti virus, greylisting, MX dedicated and sending attachment in emails up to 25 MB
  • Backup on a secondary server
  • Redundancy and failover in case of hardware problems

Choose your Hosting Plan:


10,00 €/month +vat


20,00 €/month +vat


30,00 €/month +vat

.com/ .it/ .net/ .org/ .info/ .biz/ .eu
(and more than 950 extensions)
1 Domain 2 Domains 3 Domains
Website Disk Space 2 GB 5 GB 10 GB
PHP 5.x/7.x with 256MB ram Guaranteed 512MB ram Guaranteed 1024MB ram Guaranteed
PHP-FPM to speed up website
HTTP2 protocol
Max visitors/day 1.000 5.000 20.000
DEV secondary website for free
E-mail Accounts 5 x 1GB 10 x 1GB 20 x 2GB
Database MySQL 1 x 200MB 1 x 500MB 2 x 500MB
Nightly Backup on failover server
web, email, Mysql
Antivirus Antispam e-mail
Daily web stats
Datacenter Uptime 99.8% 99.9% 99.99% Supernap
E-mail PEC Accounts 1 1 with custom domain


Control Panel & FTP
Site & Mail Migration 40€+VAT
Bandwidth guaranteed/peak 1/20 mbit/s 2/100 mbit/s 5/1000 mbit/s
Daily Backup
OnDemand Backups/Snapshots included 1 3 5
Extra Backup Secondary Datacenter
Support by email
Support by Helpline
Wordpress Ready 1 click installer 1 click installer 1 click installer
Site density 300 site/server 150 site/server 50 site/server
IO Priority 2 3 5
PHP requests/s max average 2 +brust 5 +brust 10 +brust
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Additional Services:

In all hosting plans you can add these services:

  • Larger email space: 5 GB, 10 GB, 20 GB, ++
  • Web & Mobile Accelerator: make your website faster
  • Failover: Replicate your website on 2 different servers
  • High-Availability: Keep your website up to 2 separate webfarms
  • Bulk domain transfer
  • Migrating domains and hosting (websites, database, emails, DNS) from old provider
  • Backup on secondary webfarm
  • High Availability
  • Uptime 99.9%+
  • Customizations for Resellers


For websites dedicated to e-commerce, we are optimized with these hosting environments:

  • PrestaShop
  • Magento

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